An Adventure Youth-Development Program


We believe that bringing our students into nature, creating community, testing their resolve, building resilience, and gaining confidence in their abilities in nature is an essential part of childhood. Unplugging and investing in each other is more than just an adventure, it’s bringing us back to what’s most important. We feel strongly that outdoor adventure, teamwork, relationships, and exercise will provide an opportunity for essential childhood development to take place.

The outdoors provide A
Sense of wonder and inspiration for STUDENTS.

Their curiosity will flourish as nature provides an endless world of exploration. this program is deisgned
to give STUDENTS the OPPORTUNITY FOR Nature be their guide. 


Physical Exercise, improved fitness and taking care of our temples (bodies), boosting immune systems, soaking in the sun and breathing fresh air.
Elevated motor control,
balance, coordination, agility.
Increased self-awareness, confidence, resiliency, critical thinking, concentration, and concentration.
Stress relief and will help students find balance. Vitamin D and Fresh Air can do wonders!
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  • Be out in nature with Adventure Guides who are knowledgeable
  • Through exposure to the outdoors, students will have the chance to discover a wonder and respect for our world that will inspire curiosity to learn about and develop an appreciation for this world that can grow all their lives
  • Practice skill such as problem-solving, communication tools, judgement/decision making skills, risk management and assessment, development of creativity, leadership, and teamwork
  • Sharpen observational skills of seeing, hearing, touching, and noticing the details of nature
  • Provide a robust, outdoor-based educational science learning
  • Inspire students to find their own version of participating in respecting and husbanding God’s creation.


  • QUEST DAYS : Weekly,  our lessons will dive into nature-based education. Once a month, we’ll embark on an adventure, or experience, that coincides with a topic being covered within our lessons. QUEST Days are intended to be fun and educational. *Academy wide, included in our sessions


  • TREKKIES : Our daily youth-development program
  • TAC FRIDAY’S (TREK Adventure Club) : Our optional Friday program, TREK Friday’s will focus on outdoor and science-based lessons where children will learn skills and about our natural environment.  *Must be 5 years for this program. Limited participant spots available for 2024. 
  • TREK EXTENSION PROGRAM : An extension of our TAC Friday’s and our youth-development program, will run on a weekly basis and continue our focus on immersing children into nature, while covering a robust science-based lesson and embarking on daily adventures.

To the Lord your God belong the heavens,
even the highest heavens, the earth and everything in it.