Become a Member

Interested in becoming a member of Mountain House Ministries? We’d be happy to chat more about the qualifications of belonging to our community and how to enroll your children into our Christian Academy.


Joining Mountain House Ministries, a faith based private membership association, you’ll enjoy the benefits of our services offered, belong to a community of faithful and
sovereign beings, where family values are cherished, core education foundations are emphasized, and Christ is our foundation to living a fruitful life.

This process is designed to ensure we’re the right fit to serve your child(ren)’s growth, education and development throughout their learning years, as well as your family’s needs. We recognize this process is asking for a commitment to spending time and thought
in becoming a member at MHM. Families that are thriving in our community often share that they enjoyed this process, we hope you do too!


Please read our FAQ’s before inquiring. If our organization sounds like a fit for your family, please apply and pay the application fee, per learner, below.


Once your application and fee(s) are received and reviewed, we’ll set up a time to get to know you and your family more in depth. 


Following our conversation, your family and your learner will be invited to tour our studios at Mountain House. 


If we believe your family will be a good fit for our membership at Mountain House, we’ll invite you to join.

While every family is unique, we have noticed some commonalities in those families that are thriving + happy at Mountain House.


  • CHRISTIAN WORLDVIEW : families who value their faith and spirituality, or wish for their child(ren) to know and love God as their foundation for a fruitful life.

  • REIMAGINING (OPEN MIND) : families who no longer feel traditional schools serve their child(ren)’s best interest (since they are not focused on educating on the basics or core educational foundations) or preparing them with the real world skills needed to navigate the modern world. Or those families that are open to something reimagined, with mixed-aged and ability-grouped pods focused on the individual child’s growth and not a one-size-fits-all attitude.

  • OUT OF THE BOX (FAITHFUL RISK-TAKERS) : Entrepreneurs, critical + out-of-the-box thinkers, trailblazers, creators and creatives. Those who are willing to be a faithful risk-takers in doing something new, since the old/current way of educating through our public school system isn’t serving our children.

  • FLEXIBILITY : families who value more flexibility in their children’s education and desire more family time. Those who feel learning can take place anywhere, just not during Academy hours.

  • INDIVIDUALS + PERSONALIZED EXPERIENCES : families who desire their children to explore their individual God-given gifts and passions more in-depth to instill a desire to be a lifelong learner. Those who want to allow their child to learn in a way that best suits their individual needs.

  • PARENTAL RIGHTS + FREEDOMS : families who value their freedom and those that are ready to take back the right and responsibility for their child(ren)’s education. Parents looking for an Academy that is there to focus on Educational Foundations, and not social issues/agendas.

We have found the following are not a good fit with Mountain House:

  • Parents looking for a traditional school environment or specific curriculum. Our Academy will not look or function the same way as a traditional public or private school by design.
  • Those who do not take responsibility and like to place blame. We value personal responsibility and open communication to work through any issue or challenge we are facing.
  • Parents who are not sure their child(ren) are ready for more responsibility and independence in their learning. We practice self-governance, and independent studies, which will give your child(ren) the opportunity to work independently and take more ownership in completing their tasks.



After submitting your application above, please click the corresponding number of learners you're applying for to pay your application fee.