about mountain house?

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Instead of teachers lecturing and working to fill students with recitable knowledge, we’re encouraging a collaborative work environment with mixed-age and ability-based pods facilitated by mentors(teachers) to pose questions, encourage thought and the opportunity to master skills vs. Earning a Grade or teaching to a test. We believe our children are exceptional and can succeed when given the space and the tools to learn in supportive and collaborative environments. All our learners will be given individual learning paths, based on their abilities, talents and passions, while ensuring they don’t miss any basic foundations. 

We’ll work hard to give your children the opportunity to learn through not only academic exploration, but also through adventure. We believe bringing children into nature, and giving them the opportunity to be children, is an essential part of childhood. So we’ve developed our year-round TRek program to get our children outside connect and iMmersed in nature.

At mountain house, we’ll be Getting back to the basics of literacy and math in the mornings and allowing co-curriculars to shape our afternoons. 

Mountain House feels that external motivators and high-presure test scores or grades are not a critical component of a quality, meaningful education. normed achievement tests might be offered to assess progress, or given to watch for patterns of progress over time, but it will not be given as a regular benchmark for progress. We’d argue children aren’t “standard”,  and use of a test as a means of measuring their abilities and strengths seems limiting to the learner, their abilities and their strengths. 

In everyday life at Mountain House, we’ll develop real world skills and measure successes based on individual learning goals and collective learning expectations. Our learners will have multiple opportunities and ways through which to demonstrate proficiency and competency.  we’ll regularly provide feedback on progress to help build self-esteem, pride and motivation for our learners. We aim to develop well-rounded and capable children, not just children who either test well, or have memorized information.

The colorado state development standards will be used as our initial guide to ensure all learners are where they should be academically. However, we bet your learner will have the opportunity to not only meet those “standards”, but far exceed them at MHA.

Our assessment system promotes a growth mindset, and encourages a culture of learning vs. earning (mastering a skill vs. earning a grade), as well as creating a safe place to take risks and learn from mistakes. We value education, and it is our promise your child will be mastering traditional school subjects with greater proficiency. 

We are a private ministry association founded on Chrisitian ideals and offers faith-based instruction at our academy, including all typical subjects that are normed “school” subjects.

  • Membership is voluntary and services are not open to the public (only to our private members)
  • Independent
  • Privately-funded
our entire program has been developed to meet, or more likely exceed, traditional requirements for education. We emphasize foundational skills (like literacy + Math) as well as real-world tools (Following Christ + faithfulness, Criticial-thinking, problem-solving, balancing a budget, entreprenuership, Self-sufficiency, Adventure and time in nature, individual talents/passions, leadership, and collaboration, to name a few) necessary for succesffuly launching into adulthood with well-rounded skills, knowledge and criticial thinking abilities.

At the current time, Mountain House is not accredited. We have been exploring the possibility of accreditation, and Many processes to receive accreditation require historical operational data, which we will be building following our first few years in operation. 

The current flexibility of not being accredited allows us to purposefully aid our individual learners in being successful vs. having to meet pre-determined blanket standards or requirements for each of our Learners. Some of those standards might not be relevant, or necessary, to lead a successful life for every learner in our academy. WE believe education with more freedom in learning is better than conforming with curriculum requirements to be accredited, in some instances. 

Should your learner need transcripts after completing MHA’s Program or for a move, we will be able to provide those for any transition. 

Mountain House is a reimagined Christian Academy. We don’t follow one specific model of education or theory of education. We have pulled the best ideals and practices from many educational models to create a uniquely curated educational experience for families in Summit County. 

Models that have served as inspiration and building blocks for Mountain House are Acton schools, Montessori principles, Charolette mason, Waldorf principles, as well as home-school co-ops and pod learning environments. 

Our curriculum will be assembled from multiple chosen publishers that focus on educating on Core Foundations and from a Christian worldview. Additional Life Skills curriculum will be created from our mentors that have extensive experience in the given skill/trade or area of expertise. 

We are not currently trained or staffed to serve children with serious learning disabilities, special needs, or who needs specialized attention. If you feel MHA is a great fit for your family, please inquire and we will personally assess your unique situation.

Our intended model of education is to give an individualized experience. For that goal to be effective, we intentionally plan on keeping our pods small, no more than 15 learners in each. we will be encouraging independent learning, partner learning and collaborative learning as a community group that will span multiple age ranges on a daily basis. Challenging those learners that need an extra challenge, and supporting those learners who need the support.

We offer year-round programming that covers academics and adventure-based learning. Each  dedicated Academic session begins in September, ending in June, while our TREK Extension and adventure, science-based learning happens year-round. 

If you’ve got the academics covered, and you want your child to get out and explore, TREK Adventure Memberships are available. Participate in any of our year-round TREK programs from TAC Friday’s to our extension program. Your child will be enriched with science-based education and all their senses ignited by being immersed in nature.   

ANNUAL Adventure Memberships are available for $125 for one learner, $50 for each additional learner + the cost of each TREK program session. 

Yes! Here at Mountain House, we value flexible options and helping each of our members reach their child’s educational goals. 

We offer part time programming to support home-schooling families, as well as the opportunity to participate in our TREK Adventure program. Come in the morning for our Core Foundations, or have your learner learn through hands-on experiences by participating in our afternoon sessions, or send them into nature through any of our TREK programs.

Please inquire if you’re interested in any of our part-time program memberships.