Daily life at MHA reflects one of fellowship, community and collaboration. We’ve created a flexible space for dedication, exploration, learning, and play. As a tight knit community of mixed-age children, we seek to teach, support, nurture and collaborate with each other daily. Our environment fosters a culture of respect and character development within each child, and every aspect of our learning is from a traditional Worldview. We’re focused on teaching educational core foundations and doing so with excellence.

We have replaced external motivators with an intrinsic growth mindset. Our hope is that your children will have fun while they’re learning, sparking students to be inspired to learn, think, know, question and explore the amazing world in which we live.

We are so grateful to live in Summit County where people gravitate towards the outdoors naturally. We try to take advantage of the beauty and adventure around us, offering our students plenty of time to explore and play outside through our dedicated year-round adventure program TREK.


While we’ll have a regular routine, every day will be different based off our distinct offerings and rotation of subjects, and with the educational foundations happening daily. Students will have the flexibility to move about and learn however they are most comfortable.

Each Pod lives out different priorities based on their development level and goals, but a common denominator will be educating on core foundations
in literacy, math, history and science. To learn more about our daily life for our students, visit our Pods + Curriculum Page.


To partner with parents to cultivate the extraordinary uniqueness of each child through individualized experiences built in academics, adventure, and faith.


FAITH FORWARD | Creating a foundational base for a life of service through a Traditional Worldview. Promote Growth, Not Perfection.

FAMILY + COMMUNITY| Support the stability and integrity of the family. Focus on family, belonging to a community of sovereign beings and providing an educational experience with more flexibility. Placing responsibility of their children’s education back into the hands of parents and working alongside them in partnership to do what’s best for their children.

CULTIVATE THE EXTRAORDINARY | Educate with Excellence in Core Foundations, encourage and model good habits so engaged students can make the most of what Mountain House offers. Support, with opportunities and nurturing, of a child’s natural God-given talents. Encourage Confidence and Self Sufficiency through supporting the student’s individual developmental needs. Mountain House will let students address the totality of their character in proper context with loving direction on how to reason, ask questions, and give careful consideration with discernment.

CIVIC RESPONSIBILITY | Love and respecting others differences and modeling value-based behaviors. Readiness to assume rights and responsibilities to participate in the electoral processes and our representative democracy. Appreciation of principles of freedom and fundamental value of life. Emphasis on our God-given Freedoms, and protecting them at all costs.

RESPECT FOR OUR BODIES | The care and stewardship of our bodies. Develop lifelong, healthy habits for care, safety and trusting in our bodies innate ability to heal and in our immune system. TREK Adventure Club. Leadership, teamwork, and to marvel at God’s work in creating our great planet. 

Ready to give your children an education focused on them?


QUEST DAYS + TREK Adventure Club
Friday's and Weekly June - August

We believe that bringing students into nature, creating community, testing their resolve, building resilience, and gaining confidence in their abilities in nature is an essential part of childhood. Unplugging and investing in each other is more than just an adventure, it’s bringing us back to what’s important. We feel strongly that outdoor adventure and exercise will help provide an opportunity for essential childhood development to take place.