Let them navigate. Push them to explore. Watch them discover. Encourage their questions. Allow them to struggle. Support their thinking and let them soar! This is what we believe a Christian Academy should be.


Mountain House has grown out of a yearning from parents who want to give more to their children. More than traditional schools can/were/do give to their students. By creating an environment that fosters passion, critical-thinking, the opportunity to fail, and learn real life skills that help equip your children for what the future can hold for them. 

We believe that children are natural learners who need mentors to inspire them to explore rather than dictate an educational path that the learner isn’t passionate about. As a Christian Academy, our mentors will seek to guide, bestow knowledge, encourage deep thinking and let our learners play an active role in their education, discovery and treasuring their God-given talents. 


We’ve designed a learning environment in our studio that will inspire and empower children to take charge of their learning because they want to.

Learners at Mountain House learn together in mixed-ages pods, bringing the classic one room schoolhouse into the modern age. Children will learn to mentor and be mentored by one another. Our ability-based groupings will better support or challenge your child and meet them wherever they are. 


  • Christian Worldview
  • Focus on the educational foundations of Literacy and Math (history, science, arts), not social activism
  • Mentors, not teachers
  • Mixed-aged studios, not classrooms
  • Portfolios + Mastery of skills, not grades
  • Contracts + Covenants, not rules
  • We ask questions, lead discussions + encourage deep thought, not lectures
  • No homework!
  • Hands on experiential learning + real world tools, not worksheets
  • Personalized learning experience, not a one-size-fits-all
  • Travel, and time as a family, is encouraged through at home academic days, not rigid schedules
  • Year-Round programming in academics and adventure

Real life isn’t predictable or something that comes with an instruction manual. Those who work toward their own solutions to any problem, (making mistakes along the way), don’t spend their lives waiting to be told what to do next. 

Excellence in core foundations
Through deliberate practice in ability based groups, learners spend mornings working on core foundational skills. This is literacy and math.
Real world tools + skills
Through experiential learning, QUEST Days, and co-curricular studies, learners will build modern skills, including how to apply core foundations in a useful way in their daily lives.
Critical thinking + question asking
Through analyzing, guided discussions, and encouraging deep thought, learners will engage in critical thinking and build confidence in being a good question asker.
Authentic relationships
Through our community worship, group conversations, joint learning and mentoring one another, our learners will form a tight knit group. Their individual relationship's with God will also be grown organically through worship at MHA.
Pursuit of knowledge
We will work to install a desire to be lifelong learner to build a self-reliant and fruitful future.
Partner with Parents
We'll partner with parents to foster involvement in the education, character development, and spiritual growth of their children. Place the responsibility and freedom of choice back onto parents with their child’s learning experience.
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